"Transparency is the new green". Plastic packaging may not be the first thing that comes to mind when thinking about sustainability. Yet, in reality, plastic packaging contributes greatly to creating a durable world.

The most important function of packaging is, of course, product protection. Well-designed product protection generates huge savings on waste and energy. Good packaging ensures a successful distribution of (food) products world – wide, maintaining the same food safety, aroma, colour and taste on opening as on the day the product was packaged. Choosing clever packaging can keep a product’s carbon footprint to a minimum.

AFP is 'Packed with solutions' on sustainability as well. We take our REsponsibility seriously, playing an active role in environmental projects and those of our customers:

• REducing waste and packaging material
• REcycling
• REnewable materials
• REthinking packaging

In addition AFP takes responsibility for the well – being of our employees, our customers, the environment and our local area. This responsibility is an important factor in our day- to- day work and also in the development and production of new packaging solutions. By being transparent about the sustainability of our packaging solutions, AFP contributes greatly to a durable world.

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