AFP looks back on interesting visit All4Pack

Last week AFP have been visiting the All 4 Pack Exhibition in Paris. The global marketspace for packaging, processing, printing and handling- is a joined force between the former Emballage and Manutention Exhibition. Together they became All4Pack one Europeans largest Packaging shows.

The fair was divided into three halls, each hall has its own topic. In Hall 5a the main topic was food packaging and cardboard solutions, Hall 6 focused on machinery an and Hall 7 was filled with producers of flexible film. For us - the AFP Load Security Film division -  Hall 6 was most interesting as many producers of stretch film machinery were present.

We have been visiting the stands of Robopac, TLS Matco, Haloila Octopus, Thimon, Atlanta, Tosa and many others. Some specific new items in the stretch wrapping equipment were the tucking solution of Tosa, the new generation Helix machine from Robopac, the rental system of TLS and the film weight counting system of Haloila. At Robopac some horizontal wrappers were shown, these can be used for wrapping long items like tubes or profiles.

A4P beeld

In Hall 7 we could meet our fellow film producers. It was striking that few Western European producers were present at the fair. Most of the producers came from Turkey and the Far East. Next to this there were no specific new developments shown. We recognize a trend in the thickness of the film. After years of down gauging, the films are getting slightly thicker. Many displayed 20 and 23 micron films.  The strength of 20 and 23 micron Katan-Ex film is that the pallets have a very good holding force. With the Katan-Ex film the number of wraps can remain relatively low, which helps to increase the production output.

As we know, our Katan-Ex is the exclusive quality film for special purposes. Therefore we mark our film by using a AFP-blue core. One of the producers at the fair has realized the success of our Katan-Ex film and tries to copy it by using a (light) blue core. Obviously it is not the core that makes the success, customers can tell the difference between Katan-Ex films and other films.

The last hall, Hall 5a, was more focused on food packaging, and therefore more interesting for our division Food Packaging Film. But the cardboard solutions seemed more interesting than we thought. They are working on load security as well. Several companies displayed cardboard interlayers with high friction to prevent the load from moving. Together with our Katan-Ex film this is a great way to increase load stability. We can combine our knowledge to create even more stable pallets and reduce transport damage.

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